my coworker is having a party and I love her BUT1) she invited one of our supervisors2) which means…

my coworker is having a party and I love her BUT

1) she invited one of our supervisors

2) which means we can’t talk shit or be ourselves because our supervisor probably has no chill and we have really strict policies at work so it makes me wary because i have never been comfortable with being too friendly with anyone in a higher position of power than me (it feels unprofessional and imo the power imbalance is unhealthy). also, one of our other coworkers was going to call out of work today so she can go, but now she can’t because our supervisor will be there

3) she wants us to dress formally and I have formal clothes but I suffer when I wear them because formal stuff is not comfortable for me

4) there won’t be any vegan options

5) so now I have to buy something I can share with everyone and i’m broke and now I have to provide food for a dozen people

6) today is my only day off for the next 7 days and I don’t really want to be social if I don’t have to because I get burnt out from working customer service and this feels like it’s going to be an extension of work

7) I still have to get my coworker a present because it’s her birthday