Mycology Resources!ūüćĄ


Want to learn more about mushrooms/mycology? Start here! I put together this masterpost of all the mycology resources I’m aware of! If you have more information or recommendations please reblog with your additions to strengthen this shared resource list ~

Mycological Societies

North American Mycological Association

North American Truffling Society

Find your local (NAMA Affiliated) Mycological Society (for North America)

Mycological Society of America

Mycology Art/Craft Organizations

International Mushroom Dye Institute (IMDI)

Mushroom Magazines/Journals/Publications

FUNGI Magazine

The Mycophile

McIlvainea: Journal of American Amateur Mycology

The International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms

Mushroom, the Journal of Wild Mushrooming


Mycena News

Spores Illustrated



Mushroom Camps/Workshops/Fairs by Month


International Fungi and Fibre Symposium (held every 2 years)

Cascade Mycological Society Mushroom Festival (October 29, 2017)

Northwest Mushroomers Association Wild Mushroom Show

Kitsap Peninsula Mycological Society Wild Mushroom Show

Puget Sound Mycological Society Wild Mushroom Show


Humboldt Bay Mycological Society Mushroom Fair


Mycological Society of San Francisco Fungus Fair

Yuba Watershed Fungus Foray and Wild Mushroom Exposition


Sonoma County Mycological Association SOMA Wild Mushroom Camp (free to attend with work exchange!)

Point Reyes National Seashore Fungus Fair

Fungus Federation of Santa Cruz Fungus Fair

Napa Truffle Festival

Big Sur Foragers Festival


Los Angeles Wild Mushroom Fair

San Diego Mycological Society Fungus Fair

March & April

Mushroom University


McCloud Mushroom Festival (California)


Northeast Mycological Federation Foray

Pacific Northwest Mushroom Festival


Telluride Mushroom Festival (Colorado)

Colorado Mycological Society Annual Mushroom Fair

Crested Butte Wild Mushroom Festival (Colorado)


North American Mycological Association Foray

Illinois Mycological Association Annual Mushroom Show

The Seventeenth Annual WPMC Gary Lincoff Foray (Sept 16, 2017)

Year Round and Traveling

Mycopigments Mushroom and Lichen Dyeing Workshops

Smugtown Mushrooms Cultivation Workshops

Mushroaming Eco-Adventures

Missouri Mycological Society Mushroom Classes

David Arora’s Events (held about once a year)

Puget Sound Mycological Society Mushroom Classes and Workshops

Fun Mushroom Gifts

Fungi Magazine Store Store

North American Truffling Society books and apparel

Taylor F. Lockwood’s Online Store

Peter Thwaites Wild Mushroom Art

Mycological Society of America T-shirts

Northwest Mushroomers Association T-shirts

Morels Board Game

1 Morel Mushroom Lane Online Store

Morel Mania Store

Mycology/Biology Patches

The Mushroom Cap Online Store

Mushroom Documentaries/Films

Know Your Mushrooms (2008)

The Magic of Mushrooms (youtube link)

Fly Amanita (vimeo link)

Dr. Bob Cummings (vimeo link)

Dr. Andrew N. Miller, Mycology Research (vimeo link)

Dr. Andrew N. Miller, The Importance of InvertNet and Mycology (vimeo link)

Dr. Andrew N. Miller, Applications of Mycology Research (vimeo link)

History Channel World Of Fungus Documentary (youtube link)

BBC Slime Mould Time Lapse (youtube link)

BBC Planet Earth Cordyceps: Attack of the Killer Fungi (youtube link)

The Many Ways to Be a Fungus Lecture by Jennifer Frazer (vimeo link)

Mycology Books (Field Guides)

All That the Rain Promises and More: A Hip Pocket Guide to Western Mushrooms, David Arora

Mushrooms Demystified, David Arora

The Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Mushrooms, Gary Lincoff

California Mushrooms: The Comprehensive Identification Guide, Dennis Desjardin, Michael Wood

Mushrooms of the Redwood Coast: A Comprehensive Guide to the Fungi of Coastal Northern California, Noah Siegel, Christian Schwarz

Mycology Books & Related Topics (Not field guides)

Mycelium Running: How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World, Paul Stamets

Psilocybin Mushrooms of the World: An Identification Guide, Paul Stamets

Growing Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms, Paul Stamets

Radical Mycology: A Treatise on Seeing & Working with Fungi, Peter McCoy

Radical Mycology: An SLF Primer (free/suggested donation zine)

Mycophilia: Revelations from the Weird World of Mushrooms, Eugenia Bone

The Mushroom at the End of the World: On the Possibility of Life in Capitalist Ruins, Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing

The Mushroom Hunters: On the Trail of Secrets, Eccentrics, and the American Dream, Langdon Cook

The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross, John Marco Allegro

Mushrooms, Russia and History, Valentina Pavlovna Wasson
and R.Gordon Wasson (free book download!)

earth-care/self-care : ethnomycology for everyone! (zine)

Mushroom and Lichen Dyeing Books/DVDs

Mushrooms for Dyes, Paper, Pigments & Myco-Stix‚ĄĘ, Miriam C. Rice

Mushrooms for Color DVD

The Rainbow Beneath My Feet: A Mushroom Dyer’s Field Guide, Alan E. Bessette, Arleen Rainis Bessette

Lichen Dyes: The New Source Book, Karen Diadick Casselman


Sonoma County Mycological Association Scholarships

The Henry Pavelek Sr. Memorial Scholarship

Freeman Rowe Educational Scholarship (Oregon students)

Fungus Federation of Santa Cruz Scholarships

Connecticut Westchester Mycological Association Sylvia Stein Scholarship

NAMA Memorial Fellowship

Missouri Mycological Society Scholarships

Western Pennsylvania Mushroom Club Scholarship/Grant

Daniel E. Stuntz Memorial Foundation Grants

Ben Woo Scholarship

The Puget Sound Mycological Society K-12 Grants

Online Mycology Resources

Mushroom Expert



Mushroom Observer

Rogers Mushrooms

Urban Mushrooms


Steve Axford’s Fungi Photography

Cornell Mushroom Blog

Mycology Collections data Portal

Dianna Smith’s Mycology Education Presentations

Western Pennsylvania Mushroom Club Meeting Presentations

Pantone‚ĄĘ Sporeprint colors

Mushroom Articles by Else Vellinga

Mycorrhiza Articles by Steve Trudell

Manual of Instructional Materials for Teachers and Naturalists Teaching About Fungi: Grades K-12 and College

Introduction to DNA barcoding

Mushroom Growing Information

Radical Mycology: How to Grow Mushrooms


Mushroom Lab 101

Reblogging for the upcoming mushroom festivals in Oregon and Washington this month! ūüćĄ