Hi, I hope your snow-day is going well! I have…

Hi, I hope your snow-day is going well! I have two questions. Is there a specific mushroom you feel a very strong connection to? And, do you have some general information about mushrooms or lichen that frequent frigid/frozen environments? Cheers!

Okay, after an unexpected 3 hour nap (D:) I’m back to answer more questions! I have two fungi that I really love a lot, for similar reasons. First is Calostoma cinnabarinum, which I made a whole video on.

Second is Pseudohydnum gelatinosum:

I like both of them because they are squishy, and well, squishy things are great.  (Is that scientific enough?)

As far as lichens that frequent frigid temps: the two most important factors controlling their ranges are light and moisture. Lichens are very good at going dormant, and many species are able to withstand frigid temperatures. Here’s a cool article detailing the lichens growing in Antarctica.

Mushrooms, on the other hand, have different physiologies than lichen. I am planning on making a video soon on what species to look out for in northeastern United States during the winter, and your question reminded me to get off my butt and work on that.

Thank you for the questions!