one of my coworkers is like 40-50ish and I always pick up her shifts so she can spend more time with her kids and she’s always happy to answer my weird questions about adulting. she’s definitely my friend and I love her but she added me on snapchat and i’m like…I enjoy working with her…but i have to ignore her request because I don’t want her to see me not sober or with a titty out or my room messy and I don’t want her to see how I live

OKAY. update on this story. I was talking to one of my other (younger) coworkers last night and we added each other on snapchat. Then I was telling her about how the coworker above requested me but I was afraid to add her back cause I didn’t want her to see my drunken snaps. So my coworker tells me, oh she added me too and you should totally add her cause she drinks too. So I look back at my request from my older coworker…her first and last name are listed…and I accept. 

So today my younger coworker tells me, hey I talked to (our older coworker) about how we both became friends with her on snapchat and she says she doesn’t have a snapchat. Which is super weird because whoever friended us both made an account using our other coworker’s very specific and uncommon first AND last name. So they both told me to block that person immediately and now the three of us are wondering who is impersonating my coworker….? and who else got a snapchat request from that account?