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damnn so today at work i had one of the worst interactions with a customer so far. I’ve never come close to crying but today I was cashiering and this woman came through my line with two items. except one of her items was half of a two-pack. so she hands me the items, looks me dead in the eye and loudly tells me she only wants me to charge her for half of the two pack “PERIOD!” and I told her “unfortunately I can’t charge you for half of this item, I’m going to have to charge you for both and I can have someone bring up the other half” and that obviously wasn’t what she wanted to hear (even though there are literally signs everywhere that would indicate you can’t buy half) so she goes “I SAID I WANTED ONE! PERIOD! I DON’T HAVE THE SPACE FOR TWO!” and immediately, there was a couple in line behind her who yelled “HEY!” and they start yelling at her, telling her like, be nice, what’s your problem etc etc. and it was just LOUD. And unexpected…because now there’s two sources of yelling that I have to react to.  I didn’t want to have to repeat myself over and over to this woman who isn’t listening so I called for a supervisor cause I’m like…the fuck, let someone who gets paid more handle this shit. but there were no supervisors around so I’m yelling into the void and this woman keeps yelling at me that she has things to do and she’s 78 years old and everyone within a 20 foot radius is stopped staring at both of us and I’m trying to remain calm while she’s yelling in my face like, a foot away while I wait for a supervisor who’s not coming. Like I just felt my body shaking. She escalated the situation so quickly, she absolutely entered the interaction knowing she was going to get loud to get what she wants. But I have no power to change the price and I’m apathetic AF in this situation and I have zero personal investment but there is no way I can just charge her for half, she’s going to end up paying for two regardless. So I try explaining it to her again and she starts yelling at my coworker behind me that she has places to go and I’m not letting her leave (???? ) And I’m thinking like fuckk I WANT YOU LEAVE! Like please fucking get out! And the customers behind her are still yelling at her saying things like “STOP YELLING! SHE DOESN’T GET PAID ENOUGH TO GET YELLED AT!” it was A LOT. I don’t know, I did appreciate that someone else was vocalizing the ridiculousness of the situation but it also added to my stress and made it hard to keep calm. luckily she was paying with a credit card and she had already inserted her card so my coworker swooped in, put away the half of the two-pack item (so she couldn’t take it) and just charged her for her other item…all while she’s still telling my coworker that I’m like…holding her hostage or some shit cause I can’t charge her half price for a whole two-part item. She’s pissed at me for something that is not within my control and I just told her “BYE! HAVE A GOOD DAY!” and started greeting the customers behind her. I’ve never had a customer get so loud so fast over something so unimportant. like, I really don’t know what her deal was. but every customer after that asked me about it, they were nice to me but I was still really shaken up and a supervisor never came over during any of it