treemigration: one of many species of Black Wi…


one of many species of Black Witches’ Butter

Exidia nigricans or formerly known as Exidia plana  

With Ohio’s spring torrential downpours, the temperate forest patches around Cincinnati are becoming a plethora with classic jelly fungus in good form. 

This species is fairly difficult to Identify if you are new to Exidia genera, like I am.

Exidia glandulosa is the more common Black Witch’s Butter and for this reason, it is always associated with photos similar to this one on a brief google search. In truth the way we can macro-id this species involves it’s fruiting form when it starts forming or when it dries out entirely. In these cases we see blocklike morphology of the fruiting body or, when finishing this fruiting stage of the life cycle, plate like blocks. Read more.

Given the tightly-lobed, brain-like morphology with brown pre colour turning dark black later still retaining ridges. We can rightfully assume that Exidia nigricans ,P. Roberts (2009), is our candidate. Read more on issue. Other blogs with similar topic. 

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Photos taken at Trillium Trails, Cincinnati, Ohio