do you guys add your coworkers on social media? and if so, do you add all your coworkers (who ask etc) on social media or say no to certain coworkers? 

when I worked at a small job (11 coworkers) I added all my coworkers. we all had a lot in common and were passionate about the same things. but now I work with 300 coworkers and it feels totally different and I don’t want to add any of my coworkers on social media..I have coworkers on snapchat but no archival platforms (like facebook, instagram or tumblr) I don’t know if that’s a sign I should find a job working with more like-minded people or if it’s because I’m trying to be cautious in a gossipy environment. I’ve also had to report a coworker for sexual harassment and it makes me wary that if I add someone on social media, there would be potential for escalation. especially with social media, I think there’s an illusion that you know someone just because you “follow” someone but idk, what do you DO if you work in a large workplace?