Hey all! I’ve posted about iNaturalist before, but I just gotta say this website/app keeps improving! For those who don’t know, iNaturalist is a website/app where you can record observations from nature, get/give identification confirmations, and connect with other like-minded people. I’ve found the app to be useful when I visit new places because you can see identifications people have already made in that location.

Anyway, the reason I’m making another post about it is because recently they’ve added a ~*~magical recognition tool~*~ that offers species suggestions based on the photo you upload. I’ve found it to be remarkably accurate, and I have no idea how it works, but I think it’s super cool and helpful. If it gives you the wrong identification, you’ve still got the community to help you correct it.

iNaturalist is free and invaluable, and anyone who likes identifying things in nature should try it out! If you want to follow me on there, you can find me as Microcosmic.