I’ve been listening to/watching youtube videos while sewing and tbh right now I’m watching a lot of trisha paytas and reviewbrah simultaneously and though they seem like opposites, i admire them both for

1) their commitment to their personal aesthetics

2) commitment to their respective passions

3) their realities seem very self-created; their daily lives are both unique and self-indulgent (kind of admirable)

and tbh they both have similar energies to me but in different directions; they both can talk uninterrupted for ridiculous lengths of time, both discuss their experiences as solitary people, both review fast food in their cars, both discuss everyday mundane topics at length (about totally different subjects), both have LONG nails…idk what else, that’s the most I can think of for the time being but I’m going to throw this out into the tumblr void b/c I swear I can’t be the only one who has felt the similarities