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Todays Confirmed Presenter & Topic Release!

Doğa Tekin @vanillattry

The presenters being featured right here will be teaching during the WEEKEND portion of the New Moon Mycology Summit! August 10-12th! Schedule out soon!


We’re excited to offer a wide array of topics! The more we give you folks these updates the more excited were getting, knowing that all of us will be sharing space together in a little OVER A MONTH!

Check out what Doğa Tekin is offering and sharing during the Summit!!

Getting to Know Your Mushrooms:
Close-observational Drawing in the Field

This will be a series of workshops that develops our close-observational skills as a useful tool for mushroom identification and documentation. We will start off with a talk about what to look for when foraging, and give an overview of basic foraging rules of thumb, followed by a mini foray to gather some fungal friends. Then we will practice guided close-observational drawing of our collections, and identify them using guides and through sharing our knowledge. Later, we will go on a more extended foray and practice close-observational drawing in the field (in the forest). The series will create an opportunity to build close relationships with the mushrooms that we will be interacting with, along with developing useful tools to engage with everything in our surroundings and to turn our mushroom radars on.

+For kids & families!!

Creation Station: Fungi for Kids

This would be an art and creation station that is fluid and collaborative for the kids (and adults if they would like) at the event to hang out and integrate their experiences through creative expression. There will be a variety of kid-friendly art supplies, a large paper scroll (or a few of them), and an interactive set-up that inspires creation. There will also be informative posters that make the scientific world of fungi more accessible to children. We can think about it as an interactive and informative creative space.

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