do you have a favorite mushroom? and do you en…

do you have a favorite mushroom? and do you enjoy eating (non-hallucinogenic) mushrooms? i love your blog! ❤️🍄❤️

It’s hard to choose just one species; I love all mushrooms but for different reasons! I see Dead Man’s Foot (Pisolithus tinctorius) so often, it’s always familiar and comforting, if it’s the middle of summer, super hot and dry I know I can still find it. I’m also looking forward to seeing more Sulfur Shelf (Laetiporus sulphureus) this September.  That’s when I usually see them fruiting in my area. So those two fungi species have been on my mind lately. But I also think about all the species I haven’t found yet! Because maybe those will become my new favorite!

Fried mushrooms are probably my favorite breakfast! I usually do shiitake or oyster mushrooms (whichever is available in stores), I love a crispy fried mushroom! I’m not a big fan of mushrooms that are boiled whole or pickled though, too chewy for me. 

And thank you! I appreciate you and it means a lot ❤️