treemigration: Two heaping clumps of Usnea str…


Two heaping clumps of Usnea strigosa, 

Out of all Usnea sp. I think that this species might be my favorite at the moment. Within the Usnea genera, (tree hair lichen) , U. strigosa is the only species that is declared 

non-sorediate in Ohio and has semi-terminal apotheca which makes it look very strange compared to the rest of the Usnea species im used to. This species is also highly variable and seems to change majorly due to environment. With that said it has many different chemotypes associated with it and honestly could go through modern taxonomic scrutiny fairly soon. 

If you like this species also check out a very close relative,  

Usnea parvula

Photographed in Hocking Hills State Park, Ohio