is it considered bad to help identify organism…

is it considered bad to help identify organisms you are still learning about? I wanna learn how to identify stuff but I'm afraid of misidentifying

This is a great question. When I started learning how to identify organisms, I was so excited about it that I wanted to share my newfound knowledge with others. In retrospect I know that I misidentified a lot of species, as evidenced by some of the early posts in this very blog (hopefully I’ve corrected most of the misidentifications by now…).

Sharing knowledge is a beautiful thing. As long as others know you’re a beginner, I see no problems with helping identify things. Ironically, the more I’ve learned the more I know that I know nothing. I’ve stopped posting lichen identifications because I know my ID will take more than just looking at a picture, sometimes even requiring molecular sequencing to confidently identify, and followers trust me to be a reliable source of information. At the end of the day just have fun with it! As long as it’s not going to ultimately be eaten, a misidentification isn’t going to hurt anybody. Going out and learning the names of the friends growing around you is a beautiful thing.