fungusqueen: I want to illustrate how the sear…


I want to illustrate how the search features of the website/app iNaturalist can help you find mushrooms in any region. iNaturalist is a citizen science app to help people identify plants and animals. You can post your own observations and contribute to a community of observers and scientific research.

So I’m traveling to Salem/Boston, Massachusetts in a few weeks and I wanted to see what seasonal mushrooms are in that area. So for my first search (first screencap above), I limited my location to Boston, searched for “Fungi Including Lichens”, changed the time frame to only show me from Sept-Oct, and only opted to see “Research-Grade” results (which basically means it’s verified as accurate). On the right, it shows me what people are finding and reporting in that area; so now I know I can probably expect to find Stinkhorns, Chicken of the Woods, and the Jack-O-Lantern mushroom. The second search, I changed it to include the whole state of Massachusetts, which gave me more species results…lots of stinkhorns. So now I have an overview of what to look for! Fingers crossed I stumble across some new species on my travels!

I highly recommend iNaturalist for not only mushrooms, but for learning about all the flora and fauna around you!

I’m back from Massachusetts and just as I suspected, we did find a stinkhorn!

Thanks, iNaturalist!