favourite hike you went on + nicest mycologica…

favourite hike you went on + nicest mycological field findings?

In 2015 I spent a summer working in the woods of West Virginia and Pennsylvania, and it was an absolute PARADISE for mushrooms. I saw every mushroom I ever could have dreamed of seeing. The photos from that journey are on this blog if you go back far enough, but I’m currently uploading them to my Instagram (microcosmiaphotos) because living in Utah makes me literally dream of mushroom hunting, so I’m reliving the moister times of my life.

I can’t remember any specific favorite hikes (I’m sure there is one that I’m just not remembering on the spot), but the hikes I enjoy the most are the ones with: nice trees, moisture, rocks/boulders, no people, and lots of little nooks and crannies to explore.