About a year ago, I started a list of “Mushroom Species I’ve Eaten” because I met a friend who told me he kept a list of all the new mushrooms he tries. He forages almost every day and is much more daring than I am so his list is much more comprehensive than my own. So I’ve been inspired to increase my list ever since, trying more mushrooms when the opportunity presents itself. Apparently stinkhorn mushrooms are edible…which, if you have experience with stinkhorns, they’re stinky as hell and pretty repulsive. But I just read this article where the writer eats stinkhorn mushrooms and I think stinkhorns might be on my 2020 foraging radar (among other species). Right now I’m also looking to try Huitlacoche, Honey mushrooms (Armillaria spp.), Sparassis, and Beefsteak fungus (if I haven’t missed the season for it). Hope the earth provides me with some new tasty mushrooms for 2020 ~

*edit: inserting pic of dried stinkhorn mushroom for reference (it doesn’t look too bad dried)