As I’ve mentioned before my main goal in science is to make it more accessible, and now I’ve ended up in an area of research that is a little too academic I think for the public at large. But! I still want to make it accessible to people who love science but don’t want to have to open up a bunch of textbooks to try to understand what’s going on.

If anyone is even vaguely interested in me boiling down my hybridization research to high school science terms, like or reply to this post. I will either write something up here or make a video (but I am super intimidated about making a video about it because then it makes it seem like I actually know what I’m doing/talking about).

I’ve decided I’ll make a video (though it will probably take me a very long time to finish it) if only so that I can help my mother understand what on earth I’m doing. But also I think it’s good for me personally to find ways to connect my research to humanity and the world as a whole. Thank you for the encouragement!