Hello friends, I just discovered a lady lichenologist, Annie Lorrain Smith, from the early 1900′s. From her Wikipedia:

Scott found work for Lorrain-Smith at the British Museum to curate Anton de Bary’s collection of slides of microscopical fungi, but she had to be paid from a special fund because women could not officially be employed there. She soon was responsible for identifying most of the fungi which arrived to the museum. She identified and reported on newly collected fungi, arriving from abroad as well as from the UK, and worked in the museum’s cryptogamic herbarium. She published various papers from 1895 to 1920.

Smith led a lichen survey of Clare Island, which was outside Clew Bay in Ireland, in 1910 and 1911. The Clare Island Survey involved not only Irish but also several European scientists who were all looking at different aspects of the island’s natural history. The team were credited with the first project aimed at characterising a particular biogeographic area. In 1921 Smith wrote the illustrated Handbook of British Lichens which was a key to all known British lichens. In the same year Lichens was published and was quickly established as a classic text.