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mushroomgay: Barnet, London, August 2017 Commo…


Barnet, London, August 2017

Common inkcap (coprinopsis atramentaria)

These common inkcaps are almost at the end of their life, close to completely deliquescing into a black, inky substance as it autodigests to release its spores. 

Common inkcaps are edible (though these specimens are past their best) but are severely poisonous if eaten within a day or two of drinking alcohol. For this reason, they’re also known as tippler’s bane. 

wapiti3: Iconography mushrooms Paulet ;  By Le…


Iconography mushrooms Paulet ; 

By Leveille, Joseph Henri, 1796-1870   Paulet, Jean-Jacques, 1740-1826 , ill.

Publication info New York, H. Baillière; [Etc.., Etc..], 1855.
Contributing Library:
University of Illinois
BioDiv. Library

mushroomgay: Barnet, London, UK, July 2018 Oys…


Barnet, London, UK, July 2018

Oyster mushrooms (Pleurotus ostreatus)

Baby oysters! These were alongside the older specimens that I harvested (see here), but they always look so cute when they’re just emerging.



Illustration from Musée d’Histoire Naturelle – Achille Comté – 1854 – via Internet Archive




smugtownmushrooms: This August 23-26 in the go…


This August 23-26 in the gorgeous Great Lakes and Allegheny foothills we host the first ever:

Deep Creek Mushroom Camp

Facebook event is found through our page!

Our small, group of attendees will be enjoying hundreds of acres of private & state forest and gaining the training and confidence to properly & safely identify wild mushrooms!

You know why? Because Smugtown is bringing some seriously knowledgeable human critters! Rachel Zoller and Leah Bendlin!

In this post ill be talking about Rachel and who she is and why you should be pumped shes coming through with her skills and she even bringing her kids to join the fun!

Smugtown Mushrooms has been gearing up to host incredible people and well-studied mushroom hunter & mycologist Rachel Zoller also known as @yellowelanor !

Rachel has a passion for introducing others to the enchanting and essential world of fungi. She specializes in helping beginners get started in mushroom identification and foraging practices, emphasizing it is as much about ‘what you can learn’ as it is ‘what you can eat’. She is an active member of the Oregon Mycological Society and runs a small business centered around mushrooms, putting together educational programs for families, colleges, libraries, and other community organizations. She has an educational YouTube channel and is currently wrapping up a beginner’s mushroom foraging handbook which will be published by Roost publishing in late 2018. She is also a mama of two (2 years old and 4 years old) and loves watching her boys get excited about mushrooms as they learn to identify things themselves. This naturally leads into wanting to help other families with young children experience mushrooming in safe and rewarding ways.

You can find Rachel at or on Instagram @YellowElanor

Rachel has been running her own channel on Youtube and has had such a great response! You should check her channel!

Sign up or get more info about the Deep Creek Mushroom Camp here–>

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niurkainc:This is the rarest #mushroom I’ve ev…


This is the rarest #mushroom I’ve ever seen … does anyone know what it is?
#raremushroom #mycology #fungi

Looks like Phallus indusiatus to me:



Mushrooms ΦjΦ by Ajsta

hinry: Hericium coralloides, coral tooth fungu…


Hericium coralloides, coral tooth fungus

Greenough Park, Missoula, Montana

29 June 2018

madmycologist: morchella and king bolete fora…


morchella and king bolete foraging the other day 🌿 w/ a side of fun times embroidery

[🌛dont delete my caption please 🌜🌟]