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Honestly my resolutions for 2020 are to…be more feral, be meaner, eat and drink more! On a different note, I want to refuse to participate in gossip (especially in the workplace; it can make a bad environment unnecessarily harder and we’re all just trying to make money and survive; it’s also a bad reflection on myself and I’d rather be a confrontational bitch than a coward), I want to be less easily manipulated by intelligent marketing schemes aimed at my demographic (I don’t want material shit I’m told to want…I want to save my money for the things I need and truly want), I want to be less intimidated by authority figures (they want you to feel intimidated and hm I don’t want to and there’s no need for that!) i want to sweat more and feel the sun and wind on my face, stick my hands in more dirt and enjoy the magic of what the earth can provide, devour my mushroom books from cover to cover, take more pictures, support my artist friends, say no to things I don’t want to do and better advocate for myself and there’s more but every day is a new day and a chance to shape the future