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Mushroom found off Pacific Coast Highway

Cortinarius sp. can be identified by their rusty-brown spores and the presence of a cortina (a cob-web-like partial veil; it can can stretch or fall apart as the mushroom matures so you may only see remnants on the stem as in the mushroom pictured above)

Agaricus mushroom 

Candy caps and other assorted mushroom species

Amanita augusta

Fomitopsis ochracea found in Arcata, CA

Shrimp Russula (Russula xerampelina). I found this climbing down a slope to admire a stream; I had been sitting there for minutes enjoying the scenery, turned around and this was waiting for me. This species appears similar to Russula sanguinea but R. xerampelina has a mild taste while R. sanguinea is bitter

Obsessed with this little frog we found in the woods. 

Basket of mushrooms from last week’s camping trip

Amanita augusta found on PCH on the California coast