Category: cheap alternatives

I don’t know why, but (in my experience) prenatal vitamins are always the most affordable vegan multivitamin available in conventional grocery stores. they have so much good shit that vegans need but if you buy stuff that’s specifically marketed to vegans and has a big “vegan” label on the front, you’ll end up paying much more and tbh, probably getting less. so psa: if you’re looking for a multivitamin, scrutinize prices and compare the supplement facts on the backs of bottles, because prenatal vitamins are more widely available compared to vegan-marketed products but you wouldn’t know they’re similar and/or better until you check because the marketing is not obvious

edit: i’m not an authority on health or nutrition so please seek advice from a professional if you’re looking into long term vegan supplements. someone pointed out prenatal supplements may only be suitable for a short term so please do your research and make sure you’re reading and comparing supplement facts as daily value percentages/contents vary between brands and some could be potentially harmful (especially if the amounts of fat-soluble supplements, like iron, exceed daily value requirements)