Category: chronic illness

My chronic illness has been flared up bad, and today I am trying to understand sexual reproduction in lichens when my brain is an absolute fog. And let me tell you, trying to understand reproduction in a composite species in which only one biont reproduces sexually but wouldn’t be able to form reproductive parts if it weren’t for their other bionts, where species can be sexual or asexual or both or seem like they’re always asexual but then you find this random population that’s sexual, where we apparently haven’t made much effort into investigating what causes it to be sexually reproductive in the first place (maybe because it’s too hard to observe in the lab?)…trying to understand this – not just understand it but think critically about it – when I have two or three functioning brain cells at the moment is quite a challenge.

I love lichens, and I am deeply passionate about my research, but sometimes I regret not choosing a more straightforward organism to study.