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So I recently discovered milkweed plants prefer acidic soil…and blueberry plants also prefer acidic soil. So I bought two more blueberry bushes and this narrowleaf milkweed plant (pictured above) and made an acidic-soil-zone in my garden. Yesterday I found these two caterpillars enjoying the plant; one is monarch and idk about the other but i’m going to keep watching them grow

Recent garden pictures feat. butterflies on Mexican sunflowers, a volunteer eggplant, my grandma’s friend bringing me mushrooms she found while walking through the neighborhood, and a bouquet I made this morning from a fallen sunflower plant and sprigs of mint

Another pic for size reference

We grew three XL zucchini’s this week, this one was probably the biggest and I’m very proud

Found these growing just outside my sunflower planter box

More garden updates feat. the gardening crocs I share with my grandma

Garden update: Blueberry and California poppy spiral

One month of progress! The zucchini flowers are blooming and the first tomatoes are coming in! (these plants were transplanted and did not grow from seed in one month: a disclaimer b/c I only wish plants grew that fast)

Update! Me and @beautifultrees07 built these planter boxes today! The sun set and we ran out of screws before we could start the compost box I mentioned in previous posts but it’s a great start to a future vegetable garden! Some of the square dowels had knots in them (impossible to drill through) so we had to drill around them or be mindful of the positioning/switch out some dowels. Other than that, it was pretty smooth and easy for two people who rarely work with wood. I chose cedar instead of redwood for these boxes because it was cheaper and I hear cedar is more resistant to rotting when it comes in contact with water. All together, paying for materials and wood cutting services for two planter boxes (at home depot) cost $43 before tax ($47.05 after tax)

Garden picture from Feb 2017, I forgot what this area used to look like; I’ve replaced a lot of the rocks with bricks now