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I swear every house in Salem had at least one pumpkin

Orange and black house near a cemetery in Salem, MA

The Witch House in Salem, MA

Vintage Gurley Halloween candles (some reproductions can be bought here)

Tiny tombstone in Salem, MA

Salem, MA at night

Background music/mood for the next few days

Halloween is right around the corner! For the sole purpose of getting into the spooky mood, I searched through Craigslist for mysterious items (dybbuk boxes, ouija boards, haunted items) and scary stories. These are my top spooky Craigslist search results, my favorite one reads, “I need a spicy haunting to trigger my emotional state”

Handmade Halloween candles I’ve had my eye on (with links! and in no particular order):

1) Brain Specimen from CreepyCandles

2) Jack O’ Lantern from FlickeringWicks

3) The Devil’s Head from PandoraWitchShop

4) Hand of Glory from PandoraWitchShop

5) Beeswax Baby Doll Head from GardenGateDesign

6) Beeswax Stack of Skulls from GardenGateDesign

7) Votive Ghosts from CountryRichCreations

8) Mini Skulls from EmberCandleCo

9) Witch’s Brew from LivingTreeCandles

10) Bleeding Hand from CreepyCandles

A mycologist’s halloween decoration; reishi antlers growing from the eyes of a mask. I’m a little disappointed good medicinal reishi ended up just spookin’ kids outside, but it’s probably having a good time for it.

Happy Halloween!