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Basket of mushrooms from last week’s camping trip

Beautiful lichen spotted on a gas station fence off the 101 freeway

I went out and pet some lichens + moss today and hope you are able to the same.

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Great news, everyone. Scientific papers do eventually get published and aren’t caught in a cycle of peer review and edits for eternity! The paper I started working on a little over a year ago has been published.

I desperately wanted to take photos of moss and lichens today but didn’t have the energy for a proper hike, so I spent 20 minutes looking at the organisms on my nextdoor neighbor’s fence. It was nice to get to know my little neighbors.

Winter is one of my favorite seasons in Utah because there’s actual precipitation, and the lichens and moss come to life. These pictures were taken on a short meander around my neighborhood, creeping on other people’s trees.

Weekend hike

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This semester I am taking a Phylogenetic Systematics class, and for the class project I’ve decided to work with some metagenomic data we have for the genus of lichen-forming fungi, Xanthoparmelia. Yesterday I googled Xanthoparmelia to familiarize myself with the genus, and boy oh boy was I unprepared for getting slammed in the face with supplements and health information for “sexy foothpath lichen” Xanthoparmelia scabrosa. 

Please don’t eat my lichen friends for your erectile dysfunction.

I visited the lichens and mosses in the neighborhood canyon after the recent (and rare) rain.

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My advisor found a lichen-quilted hummingbird nest buried away in one of the dusty boxes in the herbarium, probably upwards of 20 years old. When he saw how much my eyes lit up when I saw it, he said I could have it, and now it’s sitting at my office. Today is a good day.