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Beautiful lichen spotted on a gas station fence off the 101 freeway

All summer I’ve been planning my dissertation, and I’ve strongly been thinking I want to do a study looking at how lichen composition changes along an altitudinal gradient. However, a few days into the conference I realized that if I want to make it through grad school alive, I need to live within the boundaries of my chronic illness. This means not doing an extensive amount of fieldwork. It means accepting my limits. It means not climbing all over a mountain to collect specimens and instead focus on cultivating my data analysis skills.

Fast forward to this morning when a lichenologist approached me to tell me about his research in northern Chile looking at lichens along a really interesting altitudinal gradient in a fog desert. He’s more of a functional ecologist, and he wanted someone with the molecular analysis background to handle the other end of things to investigate what’s going on. He saw my talk yesterday and wants to collaborate with me. Basically send me specimens and data in exchange for my skills.

And I am just…elated. Overjoyed. I can make this work. I can follow my research interests without breaking myself. <3

Cemetery lichen

Cemetery lichen

Pixie cup lichen

Lichen in Muir Woods

Lichen found in Mt.Shasta

Lichen found in Mt. Shasta

We were studying lichen when we realized my sister’s green hair looks like lichen…so we “identified” her hair @girl-raised-by-wolves

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