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Candy caps and other assorted mushroom species

Russula rhodocephala (aka Russula sanguinea) at the Santa Cruz Fungus Fair. If you take a small nibble of this mushroom and spit it out, it’s super bitter and peppery

Shrimp Russula (Russula xerampelina). I found this climbing down a slope to admire a stream; I had been sitting there for minutes enjoying the scenery, turned around and this was waiting for me. This species appears similar to Russula sanguinea but R. xerampelina has a mild taste while R. sanguinea is bitter

Little Russula found driving up the coast in November

Russula spp. from last weekend in Arcata

Russula sp. growing in the center of a stump – Keweenaw Peninsula, Michigan, 7/18

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Found Russula under oak trees yesterday

Found a Russula yesterday

Russula sp. – 9/17 at Hemlock Bluffs, North Carolina

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Russula cremoricolor and Russula sanguinea