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The original Odo has grown too big for the petri dish so uh… Here’s another Odo.

Day 2 of Odo. I managed to MacGyver an overhead camera.

I set up a livestream for Odo. You won’t be able to see it moving in realtime, but you can check back every few hours and see the movement. I will keep this set up as long as I am able before my cat notices it and tries to mess with it.

Be safe. I hope you’re all doing well. Enjoy your new friend Odo.

Odo the slime mold is already on the hunt for a new food source!

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As I mentioned previously, I ordered a slime mold kit because why not. Here is the unboxing video. 

Skip to 7:43 for slime mold and not just unboxing.


I saw a glimmering in the leaf litter that caught my eye – white-footed slime mold (Diachea leucopodia). 6/17 at Historic Yates Mill State Park, North Carolina.

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Chocolate tube slime mold (Stemonitis sp.) – 7/18 at Pleasant Valley Conservancy, Wisconsin

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Slime mold munching away on oyster mushrooms – 7/18 at Indian Lake County Park, Wisconsin

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Arcyria sp. slime mold

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Dog’s Vomit Slime Mold (Fuligo septica) found in the garden this morning