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Edible flowers with berries and a sliced pear

Made these vegan candy cap cookies yesterday. I know people usually use this candy cap cookie recipe from David Arora’s book All That the Rain Promises, and More… but I used his technique of sautéing rehydrated (foraged) candy cap pieces in butter and worked that into a vegan sugar cookie recipe by NoraCooks. I also added candy cap powder to replace some of the flour/dry ingredients. I really didn’t use a lot of candy cap altogether, I used about 3 TBSP total of candy caps for a doubled recipe for 40-50 cookies.

I posted my own amended recipe at the bottom right if anyone is interested. Instead of using dairy butter, I use the vegan butter by Miyokos, which is my favorite for cooking because it’s palm oil free, browns nicely, and works with both savory and sweet dishes. 

Ate/cooked Lobster Mushroom (Hypomyces lactifluorum) for the first time last night. I added some Chanterelles and attempted to make a creamy vegan dish (sort of) resembling a chowder. I’ve never tasted lobster before but the texture is very firm and rich in a way I’d assume lobster would be.

I cut off (most of) the Lobster Mushroom skins and saved them to be dried because the skins can be used to create pink tones as a natural dye. If your mushroom has dirt on it, it’s best to peel, cut, or brush off the dirt instead of rinsing your mushroom in water. You can also use a wet paper towel to do this. I then chopped up the lobster mushroom and tore apart pieces of chanterelle and dry-sauteed the mushrooms until some moisture was released. Mushrooms hold a lot of natural moisture so doing this before adding any fat will help to concentrate their flavor. I then added vegan butter, parsley, very finely chopped celery and simmered for awhile until the celery softened and the mushrooms developed a crispy edge. I added about a cup of unsweetened almond milk to create a creamy sauce and let it reduce. Overall, you want to cook any mushroom dish for at least 8 minutes; undercooked or raw mushrooms can produce gastrointestinal distress. If I had been sticking closer to a typical chowder recipe, I probably would have chopped the mushrooms finer and added more almond milk for a creamy soup but this looked pretty good to me at this point and I was gettin hungry. This was excellent served with fresh bread, perfect to soak up the buttery mushroom sauce. Another mushroom species has been added to my “Mushrooms I’ve Eaten” list!

Last night’s Vegan Chanterelle Potato Leek Soup to welcome the Fall season

Does anyone have favorite California travel spots for spring/summer? Ideally, something budget-friendly or road-trip friendly. I want to plan small vacations and I want to visit places I’ve never been in my state. Please send me recommendations! And if anyone would like, I can give some California vegan travel recommendations ~

I don’t know why, but (in my experience) prenatal vitamins are always the most affordable vegan multivitamin available in conventional grocery stores. they have so much good shit that vegans need but if you buy stuff that’s specifically marketed to vegans and has a big “vegan” label on the front, you’ll end up paying much more and tbh, probably getting less. so psa: if you’re looking for a multivitamin, scrutinize prices and compare the supplement facts on the backs of bottles, because prenatal vitamins are more widely available compared to vegan-marketed products but you wouldn’t know they’re similar and/or better until you check because the marketing is not obvious

edit: i’m not an authority on health or nutrition so please seek advice from a professional if you’re looking into long term vegan supplements. someone pointed out prenatal supplements may only be suitable for a short term so please do your research and make sure you’re reading and comparing supplement facts as daily value percentages/contents vary between brands and some could be potentially harmful (especially if the amounts of fat-soluble supplements, like iron, exceed daily value requirements)

Still waiting for these to emerge from the oven…as I kept making cookie shapes, the dough started to warm and it became harder to form so I kind of gave up and tried dough balls instead. I got these cookie forms today because I couldn’t find a cookie press, I tried using a piping bag technique but I couldn’t make it work, I think the star-shaped decorating nozzle I had was too small. Hopefully the shapes hold while they’re baking; will post results once they emerge!

tomorrow i’m going to try and make vegan danish butter cookies. I bought some (vegan) chocolate chips so I can dip a few in chocolate and they’ll be like…milanos or some shit. I even got cake decorating tools so I can try to make the twisty shapes…stay tuned!

(I plan on using this recipe pic below is also from the recipe link)

Homemade vegan apple pie with my sisters. We used 13 hand-picked granny smiths to make two devil-summoning pies. The pentagram is supposed to guard the pie during the baking process; apples are thought to possess qualities of love, healing and peace. Recipe here

Tonight I practiced a making vegan thanksgiving meal so I can try meat/roast-alternatives before the holidays (there’s a lot of new products I haven’t tried and tbh store-bought vegan food has come a long way in the past few years)! It’s a nice meal prep theme; you only have to cook once and you’re left with a lot of leftovers. So far, the Field Roast Celebration Roast is my favorite. Idk if I personally eat a lot but I’d say it’s 2-3 servings, so if you plan on making it for a larger group, I recommend getting more than one. If you have any holiday plant-based recommendations, let me know! Especially if they’re new; I’m looking for new things to try!